Walmart Supercenter

Address: 6625 S Memorial Dr
Phone: (918) 294-3800
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Category: Department Store
Check Ins: 10354


  • Mike Reid

    This beats the white trash Walmart on Lewis.
  • juliet Parrott-Merrell

    This wal-mart has a nice intimate layout, the store seemed relatively clean and the checker named Pat was very nice and helpful :-)
  • Christina O'Neal Cowan

    Love the layout at this Wally World!!
  • lollie moore

    since you're nearby, go by precision body art & see lollie for your next tattoo or piercing {this is a cover up}
  • Travis Dear

    this store has in stock issues
  • Marchel Barnes

    Not a wal-mart fan at all :p
  • Everett Wilson

    This has to be 1 of the nastiest walmarts I've ever been in disorganized uncaring bunch of employees disgusting
  • Autumn Siegel

    Try nature valley's nuggets. All natural and only 4 bucks a box.
  • Karen Calitri

    This store needs more checkers!!'
  • Grace Hill

    Find at entry is very small need to look hard for Walmart sign
  • Melissa W.

    It's 11:25 pm any one know when they open back up the self checkouts? The lines are stupid, like it's the first day of the month
  • Dream Water

    Pick up a bottle of Nighttime Nectar from Dream Water while you're here! Exclusively sold at Walmart for a limited time only.
  • Any GrumpyHair

    this one is better than the one on Lewis. But not by much.
  • Cindy G

    The turnover of employees in the Pharmacy is ridiculous!
  • Bulldawg Williams

    Eat b4 u go that way ur content walkn thru that isles.
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