Tulsa International Airport (TUL)

Address: 7777 E. Apache St.
Phone: (918) 838-5000
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  • Brenda Quayle

    Fast and speedy to get through security. Not a very big airport.
  • AT&T

    While youre waiting for your flight, you can stay connected with AT&T Wi-Fi. Its easy to connect and free for AT&T customers w/ certain smartphone or home broadband plans.
  • Alex Sandars

    Don't panic: There are Starbucks locations before and after security.
  • Andy Shaw

    TSA is so angry here. Worst in the country
  • Big E !

    Tulsa Rocks!
  • Weston M

    Fly southwest!
  • Lucky Monkeyfish

    Very nice remodel of terminal B in the past few years. Security is pretty quick, most of the TSA agents are pretty thorough, but they're also really nice.
  • Craig M

    No love on the wireless. What do you expect from an airport where the only international flight is to Texas.
  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Got my first tsa crotch feel AFTER the full body xray. No bueno!
  • Andrew Stanley

    Be happy that it Space Shuttles can land on this runway :)
  • Beau Mitchell

    Get a "...nothing tips like a cow!" tshirt!
  • Alex Sandars

    Tulsa cabs are a ripoff.
  • Erin Patrick

    Watching soldiers come home as I wait for my daughter! Lots of smiles and tears!
  • Samsonite

    The Corporal Jared E. Shoemaker Military and Veteran's Resource Lounge is a private room for service men and women and their families to visit and relax before a flight.
  • B R

    Don't expect much here.
  • Ben Randle

    AT&T WiFi is now free.
  • Waleed Alyahya

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  • Jeanette Sefers

    love the Enterprise rental folks, they're awesome.
  • Billie Ancrum

    Tulsa is my home but visiting reminds me why I don't live here anymore :(
  • Chelsea Nance

    Never visit Tulsa
  • Ryan Underwood

    Welcome to Oklahoma! Enjoy our many treasures!
  • Avery Jenkins

    Please check to make sure you seat belt is securely fastened. Your seat back and tray table are in the full upright and locked position & all carry-on luggage is placed completely underneath the seat.
  • Mark King

    Highways around the airport under construction or shut down (observed 8/2010)... Allow extra time to check in.
  • Allen Arcade

    I love the tons of power plugs at regular seats by the terminal areas. They even have power mats!
  • Erica

    You can charge devices under most of the seats in Terminal B. There are plug-ins, USB chargers & wireless charging options.
  • Heather Heim

    There is a Starbucks after security! Either some or most of the airport is also apparently undergoing a face lift.
  • Isaac Chambers

    Small airport. If you can't find your way here, you best not be flying.
  • Cheryl Lawson

    Need juice for your gadgets? A/c and usb outlets are in the seats. powermat table top chargers too. Yea TUL!
  • Tiffany Natividad

    Check flight statuses before you leave your house. I've never been on a flight that wasn't delayed.
  • Jim Halligan

    Freyja is brown.
  • Jamie Lloyd

    The gate areas have a variety of food option both on the go and sit down. There is a starbucks before and after security although be prepared for long lines
  • daphne reznik

    Enterprise opens at 6. Early flight- leave car at stand, drop keys in bin and get receipt on line 48 hrs later
  • Abubakar Mohammed

    Free AT&T wifi. Amazingly good connection
  • Holly Howard Steinhoff

    Don't plan on getting anything from a shop or restaurant after 6:30 pm, everything closes! This presents a real problem ehen your evening flight is 6 hours delayed!
  • Ingrid Williams

    Just heard from a security guard that the vintage plane in the main lobby still works!
  • Mandee Swanson

    Easiest international airport I have been to. Checked my bags, went through security, sat down at my gate in less than 15 minutes. Arrived at airport at 5:15pm.
  • Roland Langner

    Tried to pay cash to check my bag, and they don't accept American Legal Tender at the Delta Check-in counter. Make sure you have a card
  • Avery Jenkins

    I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane, don't know when I'll be back again!!
  • Alex Kliner

    Try the complimentary champagne lounge. Several celebrities come to Tulsa to enjoy the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra which often performs in the lounge. God I love it here.
  • Chris

    No free wi-fi. BOOOO!!!
  • Ryan Underwood

    Donuts and restaurants in A better than B. SWA seats in B are comfy and can power your devices.
  • Cory Dixon

    beware Toyota owners: had my catalytic convertor stolen from 4runner this week. parked in canopied lighted section on American and delta side.
  • Michael

    Very nice TSA agents, took me less than 2 minutes to get thru security!
  • Kaitlyn Oberle

    TUL now has TSA pre?
  • Shane Martin

    Pre Check can't come here quick enough
  • Cristobal Diaz

    Family came
  • Megan Brown

    Super easy rental car pick up and drop off at the terminal!
  • Christina Bradley

    Very smooth process through check-in and security. Airport has a few different food options... Including Starbucks. Very clean and modern.
  • Chad

    It's Tulsa. So, you really don't need to be at the airport as early as they say you do.
  • Cindy G

    What's up with the ridiculous screeching birds?
  • John Keehler

    Hertz is closed Friday and Saturday... no, seriously
  • Gina Patteson

    this is the quietest airport ever...
  • Chelsea Nance

    Baggage claim is a joke. 30 min to an hour for bags.
  • Kacie Phillips

    Free Wifi powered through AT&T!
  • Ashley Scott Jones

    Free wifi. Free donuts
  • Tami Booth

    New scanners be prepared for longer tsa lines
  • Jet Black

    Join Civil Air Patrol! Both the Council Oak Senior Squadron and the Starbase Composite Squadron meet at TIA. Learn more at www.gocivilairpatrol.com
  • Aaron Tifft

    Asiago Cheese Bagel is the best taste and value, day and night.
  • Ryan Underwood

    Tulsa has a "SWA Fly By" lane at TSA. It's the left most security lane. However, you hardly fly by as no personnel are on hand to check. But, it's still a little faster. Happy flight to you!
  • Donny Epp

    It would be so wonderful to have a Starbucks after security- get your coffee before you come through!
  • Rebecca C

    Quizno's breakfast is delicious!
  • Cristobal Diaz

    Family came back de Colombia
  • Charlie Thedog

    If it is busy thin long and hard before getting in priority checkin line. One of few places where it can be slower due to poor airport management board. skills.
  • Harold Jones

    The security is fast and easy to get through. Very nice TSA people.
  • Tachini Pete

    TSA very friendly
  • Brian

    Good cold beer at varsity sports bar
  • Craig Baker

    Try the Budweiser before your flight....it's ice cold!!
  • Rich Lohman

    B Concourse looks real nice after the renovation.
  • A & J Delivery LLC

    Need your luggage or freight picked up? Call A & J Delivery at 918-371-7600 for 24/7 Fast Delivery.
  • Rachel L.

    Flying is so much better..
  • Caryn L

    TSA is extra picky here. If you don't bag your foundation, expect a bag search.
  • Corey Campbell

    Weird recording of birds squawking outside. Like bloody murder squawking.
  • Gaia Dempsey

    Free wifi for the holidays (2011).
  • Aaron Christensen

    Vitamin water is available at the CNBC store in Terminal A.
  • Lee's Taxi

    For honest cab service call Lee, 9186335987.
  • Lance Wade

    TSA is hit or miss here sometimes they make the lines ridiculously long.....
  • Catarina Horrigan

    Free wifi and business center
  • J W

    Rent a kid to get through security easy.
  • Kareena Holloway

    Free WiFi, easy check-in, security check, and charging stations throughout the airport. Nice!!
  • Rich Dowey

    This TSA configuration is hit or miss. It has a lot of room for improvement. Make sure that you leave extra time, particularly when catching an early flight.
  • Alan Petrilli

    Easiest security line I've seen, 6 people in 2 lines, through in 5. Also, outlets at the seats in terminal B, no sitting on the floor to charge!
  • Shamondo Sharpless

    Nice size airport. Tsa is a breeze
  • Paul Johnson

    My favorite airport to arrive at, my least favorite to depart from.
  • Stephen B

    Incredibly fast security lines.
  • Shane Martin

    TSA Pre is here!
  • Reuben Hood

    Free wifi so that's a plus
  • Randi Williams

    Slowest Starbucks ever
  • Blake Deakins

    Now offering TSA Pre-Check!!!
  • daphne reznik

    The military center is by the Delta fates in A
  • Maurice Gardner

    Baggage claim was pretty fast. Only about 10 minutes after flight and I was out the door. Sucks that they don't have curbside check-in like my home airport TPA Int'l
  • Charlie Thedog

    Look close at the lines. Only place in America where he "express lane" can be slower than the normal lane. Poor management
  • Media Mouth

  • Rushi Gandhi

    Enjoy Tulsa. Small town but very convenient and good place to live. Lotta job opportunities!
  • Jenea

    You should give directions to Arrivals and Departures!!!
  • Charlie Thedog

    Get here early in the summer the travel traffic, the airport authority has set things up for failure with the line configuration. Terrible airport management and operations board.
  • Charlie Thedog

    Great to get in and out of. But still one of the worst run airports I visit. Bureaucracy at its worst
  • Mary Casey

    non hectic airport, especially southwest terminal
  • Charlie Thedog

    Flight arrives 15 minute early. Took 30 minutes for bags to start showing up.
  • Charlie Thedog

    Terrible operating board.
  • Charlie Thedog

    When you start to think his gov run health care is a good idea... Visit the here and you can watch a organization squander the benefits of a mid/small airport;Bureaucracy at its worst; all logic Gone
  • Richard Doherty

    Very passenger friendly airport
  • Carrie VanNest

    Not a very busy airport.
  • Mark Chaffee

    Auto WiFi on AT&T devices. Nice touch.
  • Debbie Ptak

    SW Airlines is one of the best on customer friendly.
  • Dev Ghose

    Free wifi / wifi gratuit
  • Evander U

    Built in powermats. Very techie.
  • Telcel Oficial

    Activa el Paquete Viajero Internacional Telcel al *500 para obtener beneficios mientras ests en Tulsa. Visita http://bit.ly/O2jGgJ para ms informacin.
  • Jennifer Norby

    Make sure to flush the toilet! Lol because apparently nobody else knows how to.
  • Nate Henderson

    Maybe it was just a bad day. But this airport seems way more chaotic and unorganized than necessary...particularly for a smaller airport. Gate staff, bag checking, it's all a mess.
  • Gene Anderson

    All in all not a bad airport to travel through with two exceptions.....Ken Buysse at the United ticket counter is an idiot and the TSA security process is unorganized, over staffed and poorly ran.
  • Doug Adams

    Love this place!!!
  • David Breckenridge

    Park.by shuttle
  • Samuel Schlussel

    I like to travel a lot
  • Becca Wilson

    Check out these awesome charging stations in the terminal!! This is great!
  • Samsnorn Zetineb

    This airport has a chapel!
  • John Childs

    Really fast free wifi (24Mbps up and down) and power sockets next to tables/chairs through security.
  • Paul Braddock

    Mista Mista! Get me outta here.
  • H L

    T.G.I.F! Lol
  • James Baez

    The Stella is the best deal at the bar.
  • Christopher C

    Be warned ... the Starbucks here closes at 7! Boo.
  • Joshua Miles

    Smallest airport you've ever been in. Quiznos is good though!
  • ZCT

    Now they have free WiFi! Awesome.
  • Jacob Cuellar

    Ok is Tulsa the red headed stepchild or what? Concourse B has those nice comfy SWA seats but the power outlets are all covered over! They got all the broken chairs!??
  • Alex Kliner

    Big salad!
  • Sierra Schauer

    Tried to use a reusable cup at Starbucks and they would not let me. Then they would not let me take the drink without the lid. Why?? Everyone else allows it.
  • kelli trainer

    Interesting playlist for concourse, terminal and exterior walkways. Indian, Funk, Pop, Anthem.
  • Steve Wood

    Recommends TSA agent Sally next time you check in through security!
  • Michelle Ritchie

    Taco truck!
  • Tom Azbill

    Don't let the short line fool you. You might be a while
  • Mimi Smith

    Quick to get through TSA. No free WiFi #fail
  • Ryan Underwood

    Oklahoma is home to two Carrie Underwood's. One is the magnificent singer. The other the magnificent leadership guru. Both fly out of TUL.
  • Jesse Oquendo

    Best not to drink a large of anything before you board a 2 HR flight!
  • Jesse Oquendo

    Best not to drink a large anything before getting on a 2 HR trip!
  • Rob S

    TGIF is only resteraunt at Tulsa airport. Eat before you get to airport.
  • Nikolai Balba

    TSA is super vigilant! Make sure your liquids are in a plastic bag and enjoy the pat down!
  • Nikki C.

    The bathrooms smell like a musty basement!
  • Kate Hypes

    CAUTIOUS of enterprise! they are supposed to be open until 11pm,we arrived at desk at 11:01 and they had already left. thank God NATIONAL pulled through for us!
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