GYA Outdoors

Group Description

"...wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit..."

This is a quote I heard on a video advocating and a call to arms to protect our natural lands.  It resonated through me like an old song and how true it is in every aspect.

So if you love to be outside in nature, to unplug from society, to relax while meeting new and old friends for hiking, camping, or whatever may bring us closer to not only nature but those we travel with... Join us while we explore hiking/backpacking trails all around us.

Most of our trips are backpacking overnight trips on a trail and are for the more adventurous.  The ones that aren't you will be able to bring the entire family. Each will give plenty of description, including the level of experience you should have to safely attend. 

All hikes will require your own transportation but when available we will carpool to save on expenses for those who choose to do so. So again, if you're ready to unwind and burn some calories while enjoying what nature has to offer us, please sign up and join us.